Autonomous Vent Intelligence System with Temperature Auditing

It’s safe to say, Florida is hot. In many cases the AC systems we use in our homes were never properly designed or sized – this leads to annoying and uncomfortable hot and cold spots across the home.The currently accepted methods of solving this problem is to add vents or in order to increase cool airflow in affected rooms, add insulation, or replace the AC unit altogether. All three of these solutions are extremely costly and require intrusive physical work to implement.

AVISTA is an intelligent temperature auditing and vent control system which will effectively eliminate those pesky hot and cold spots while also reducing your electricity bill! To begin, our system uses dozens of small WiFi enabled temperature sensors to map the heat flow through a house. Our custom software creates a heat map revealing the areas of the home that will benefit from increased or reduced air flow. Next, several smart vents are placed in the problem areas; these vents will automatically adjust the amount of air given to an area of the home to even out these temperature differences.

AVISTA is the brainchild of engineering students Coyt Barringer, Javier Morejon, Antonio Aguirregomezcorta Alvarez, and Alex Figueroa as a 2016-2017 Electrical Engineering Senior Design Project at the University of South Florida.