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Lizard Power Systems
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Lizard Power Systems

We use the latest technology to develop rugged and easy to use portable power systems for emergency response scenarios.

Our flagship product, the Power Lizard, is a small and lightweight alternative to a generator allowing you to use household power anywhere and at any time.

No gasoline, No noise, No heavy machinery – just clean, quiet, rechargeable power.

Advanced LiFePo4 Battery Technology

The Power Lizard uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery technology, allowing it to be lighter and more powerful than competing systems.

Pure Sine Wave Output

Our systems produce pure sine wave output in order to protect your valuable devices making them safe to use with motors, cameras, medical devices, and other sensitive electronics .

Internal High Quality Inverter

The Power Lizard contains a built in 1000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter designed with ultra high quality components.

Rugged Pelican Case Enclosure

Each Power Lizard is built into a rugged brand name Pelican Case with your choice of color for extreme durability and protection against the elements.

200W Solar Panel Available

Be sure to check out our products page for a 200W foldable solar panel designed to rapidly charge the Power Lizard in under 3 hours!

Recharge from any source

Built in Maximum Power Point Tracking charger allows charging from any source! Recharge the Power Lizard from a car, solar panel, windmill, or even hamster generator!

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